When I was appointed by the Saint Paul City Council to serve out the remainder of Councilmember Dan Bostrom’s term, I had no intention of running for office and said so.  After noticing that I listen to constituents’ concerns and stand up for them at City Hall – as well as my work ethic and desire to build community – many people have encouraged me to run.

There is important work that needs to be done for Ward 6 and that takes time.  As an appointed member of the Council with an abbreviated term, it makes getting that work done nearly impossible.  Therefore, after a great deal of careful thought and consideration, I have decided to run for election to the Ward 6 position.  My colleagues on the City Council chose me as the best candidate earlier this year by appointing me. Now I’m taking my message to the people of Ward 6, empowering them to make their choice on November 5.

I see an obvious need to build and expand upon my predecessor’s work of bringing good paying jobs to our community.  I pledge to continue listening to the residents of Ward 6 and be their voice on the Council. I am not afraid to ask tough questions and stand up for my constituents.

I will listen to the concerns of my fellow citizens before entering into contracts, not after.  It’s clear we need to fix the broken Organized Trash Collection system. It is also clear that particular contract was negotiated without listening to community concerns.  My predecessor voted against it for that reason and I will follow his example: leadership starts with listening.

We need to focus on those things that have always been our responsibility as a city, such as making sure our streets and bikeways are in good condition and plowed adequately.  As an experienced and awarded community liaison, I know firsthand the need to build relationships between our citizens and our police department. Our first responders and firefighters need to have adequate tools and equipment to keep us safe.  Recreation centers, parks and libraries are vital components of making our city a place where people want to live, work and raise their families.

We need to help each other build wealth through the American dream of home-ownership and we cannot overly burden our elderly and low-income families with double-digit tax increases.  Whether a renter, homeowner, landlord, or owner of a business large or small, we all have a common stake in making affordability our top priority. No one wants to be taxed out of their home.

I ask you to help me continue to be your public servant on the City Council and make Ward 6 an even better community.  Let’s build together!

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