It is true, I did not take a picture with some of my colleagues and a rainbow flag nor did I vote or speak for or against an ordinance recognizing the 50th anniversary of Stonewall.  What is also true is that I am Muslim and I believe in the dignity of all human beings and that no one should be persecuted for their faith, values, beliefs, or who they are.


I am the only Muslim and only black man on the St. Paul City Council.  As a community ambassador with the Metropolitan Police, I put myself between two young men who were determined to shoot two police officers.  I put my life on the line for my fellow human beings and I did not care about the color of their skin, what gender they are, how much money they make, where they live or what sexual orientation they claim. 


Ask yourself what kind of leader do you believe our community should have?  One who wraps themselves in a rainbow flag, a person-of-color flag, or whatever the flag-of-the-day is for political gain or one who acts in the best interest of humanity and is willing to give of their life for another.  I am running for office to continue to serve my community and that includes ALL of my community.  I do not and will not discriminate against anyone and I will do all I can with the power of my office to recognize the humanity in each of us.

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