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Organized Trash System

Simply put, the newly installed Organized Trash System was created broken. It’s expensive, unresponsive, unfair, and it’s just wrong. The one-size-fits-all approach has hurt our seniors and others on fixed incomes. Zero wasters are penalized by being forced to pay for trash removal when they have done their best to eliminate having trash in the first place. Reporting one’s whereabouts to a trash hauler so you can temporarily stop service is absurd. Opting out for those who don’t generate waste or for those who have alternate means to remove it is one logical answer. This program is a classic government overreach and I am wide open to your ideas on ways to fix its many obvious flaws


The Haffners lot has sat vacant for far too long. I have made this very desirable commercial parcel one of my first priorities while in office and am currently working with potential developers to bring good jobs and investment to this long dormant location. I hope to announce a tentative developer for this site soon.

Hillcrest Golf Course

The Hillcrest Golf Course redevelopment project must be Ward 6’s highest priority. It is a once -in-a-lifetime prospect to make a tremendous, positive impact on the Hillcrest neighborhood, the entire Eastside, and the City as a whole. This is especially true when paired with a potential program to encourage private reinvestment in the surrounding homes and businesses as well as renewed commitment for public investments in surrounding parks and infrastructure.I fully support the Saint Paul Port Authority’s purchase of this parcel so that we can maintain site control. The SPPA and the City can then solicit input from neighbors, and other impacted parties to make the most of this opportunity.
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